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Since 2005, private investors, independent managers and banks are able to assess the performance and risk of their portfolios through the independent comparison service of IBO.

Through various evaluation and monitoring tools, IBO clients can measure at any time their own portfolio with all similar portfolios. It is thus possible for the first time to compare the client portfolios to each other on a daily basis.

IBO is a limited company with its headquarters in Morges and offices in Zürich and Schaan in Liechtenstein.

Here is why using IBO

  1. For the first time, portfolios of investors can be compared 1 to 1. Comparison with synthetic benchmarks was yesterday.
  2. The IBO customers profit from our total independence. We do not give any financial advice nore accept any commission.
  3. Thank to regular comparison, bank advisors and investors are kept informed at all times of the day-to-day health of their portfolios.
  4. IBO's platforms strengthen trust between the asset manager and its clients. The advisor can thus show his clients its investment strategy in a comprehensible and transparent manner.
  5. Private investors can monitor the performance and risk of their portfolio independently and free of charge.
  6. Our platforms offer fully automated solutions. The implementation in a bank takes on average two to three months. The effort and the costs are minimal.

The IBO customer benefits

  1. Professional clients

    Over 10 years of experience have shown that the IBO platform, Performance Watcher, offers financial professionals many opportunities for improvement, including regarding investment process, customer communication, marketing, control and compliance. Moreover, the use of our tools also leads to cost savings. To take full advantage of this potential, we also assist our clients as consultants. In addition to providing comparison platforms, coaching of senior executives and portfolio management experts is a key area of IBO's business.

  2. Private clients

    Private investors value the easy way of the IBO platform Performance Watcher to compare  the investment performance of their portfolio to other managed portfolios with the same objectives. Investors can find out every day at a glance if their bank has worked well. The plateform is available free of charge regardless of the size of the portfolio.

  3. Media and University of Applied Sciences

    On the platform of IBO, Performance Watcher, journalists and universities can quickly get an idea of the current situation of investment performance in portfolio management.

The IBO partner model

  1. Partnerships with software publishers

    Do you want, as a software publisher, to install the IBO performance comparison system directly into your application? We are happy to make our tools available. For a partnership "software publisher", please contact

  2. Partnerships with consultants

    As a project manager or strategy consultant, do you want to integrate our platforms into banks investment process and asset management? For more information, contact

  3. Partnerships with trusted advisors

    Do you, as an independent and neutral consultant, help your clients find and supervise the best bank and asset manager? To provide optimal service to your customers, our Performance Watcher platform is a perfect solution. For more information, contact

My conviction :

sharing of
for the benefit
of investors.

Nicholas Hochstadter Founder

The IBO credos

  1. 1 Transparency available to all

    We believe in a financial center that allows customers to be informed at all times of the quality of their asset manager and the performance of their assets under management.

  2. 2 Establish a win-win situation

    We believe that real success can only come when all parties benefit. Through our platforms, the financial advisor optimises the communication with his client and thus strengthens their relationship of confidence and improves their fidelity. As for private investors, they know at all times, thanks to IBO, how their portfolio is going.

  3. 3 Adding value

    The motivation for creating IBO was not to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible. The founder of our company, Nicholas Hochstadter, simply wanted to know which of his investment advisors did the best job. He then put the tool created for this purpose at the disposal of his family and friends in exchange for their anonymous participation in the platform. This disinterested idea, it is true, now brings money to IBO, but always for the benefit of the financial world - the community at the forefront.

IBO stands for transparency

With our platforms, we not only bring transparency in asset management, but also to ourselves by setting an example. We are therefore happy to communicate on how we finance our growth.

The main source of revenue comes from professionals (banks, financial advisors, trusted advisors and trustees). To access the Performance Watcher platform, they pay quarterly fees based on the number of users, portfolios and additional selected features.

Since 2010, IBO is financially self-sufficient. In the future, larger growth initiatives will be financed, if necessary, by the founding family.

Big Data for everyone: Anonymous and automated

Our conviction is that, in the area of wealth management assessment, Big Data must be at the service of all. This is why IBO offers its platforms free of charge to private investors and at very attractive prices to companies and institutions. In return for these special conditions, the clients make available the daily value of their portfolio.

The data is sent to us anonymously by the banks. IBO isn't able in any way and at any time to know who owns the portfolio.

To make the comparison made possible by our platforms effective and meaningful, it is crucial that each client shares his data for the benefit of both the IBO community and his own. This symbiotic relationship between customers and IBO is an important component of its DNA... True to the saying: One for all, all for one!

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